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The Dyeing House Gallery Sculpture Award 2018 was awarded to Christianna Ferguson  for her piece, Saint Marilyn. The piece which was made using Merino wool, recycled silk, mulberry paper, sumi ink, black stones and embroidery thread is a very personal piece for the artist as it’s a remembrance of a close friend.

In her statement Christianna says, “when I read about the theme I had an almost immediate sense of what I wanted to explore Saint Marilyn is a shrine to a specific person but really explores ideas of aging and how we can have agency over what we want that to look like. My friendship with Marilyn redefined for me what it means to get older–that the experience of living doesn’t have to get smaller with age but quite the opposite… This piece for me has become a physical reminder of the important lesson my friend gifted me.”

Christianna lives in  the village of Lakefield, near Peterborough Ontario. She recently learned she will have her first solo exhibition in November 2019